This course is designed for IT/Finance professionals, college students, entrepreneurs or anyone interested in learning how to use Python and popular Python libraries to manage Data. This course aims to create a strong programming foundation for Data Science and develop your abilities, confidence and understanding by gradually introducing you to the concepts needed to master Python skills and programming techniques that are essential for Data Management.
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₹ 15999 /-

₹ 29999 /-

Discount ₹ 14000

Next Batch Starts: 03/06/2024

Limited no. of seats available

Program Duration: 2 Months

Why Learn Python

For the Best Career in Programming
Python jobs witness 45% jump in the past year. Python Programming Beginners earn 4.9 LPA.

Course Details of Python

This course is an introduction to both fundamental concepts and Python programming language through an expertly curated blend of conceptual and practical methodology.


Python - An Introduction
Phase-1: Accessing Data In Python
Phase-2: Processing Data In Python
Phase-3: Data Visualization In Python
Phase-4: Working with Text Data - Natural Language Processing

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